DSC 0008

“Administrative management of united territorial communities”

Masters’ educational program

Specialty 281 “Public management and admistration”

Program manager,

Gaiduchenko Svitlana Olexandrivna

Ph.D. in Public Administration, docent

Masters’ educational program is arranged on 1 year and 10 months of distance learning. After completing the program, graduates are qualified as “Masters of public management and admistration” what allows them to be employed in government departments, local governments, non-governmental organizations, private companies, to manage united territorial communities, to work on researches and in education.

The feature of the Masters’ educational program is disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Management of organization;
  • Theory of organization;
  • Managementofadministrative processes in organization;
  • Human resources management in public sector;
  • Manager of administration and technique of administration;
  • Juridical basis of administration in public management;
  • Leadership and communications in public management;
  • Organizational culture of public management;
  • E-government;
  • Managementofprojectsandprogramsof territorial development;
  • Management of information relations;
  • Strategic diagnostics of potential of territories;
  • Management of local finances and budgets;
  • Risk-nanagement in territorial administration;
  • Regulation of economic and social processes in public administration;
  • Business planning.

Currentrequirementsofemployerstoamasterofpublicmanagement and admistration include professional knowledge of foreign languages what provides this educational program for those who would like to study professional disciplines in English.

Particular attention is paid to practical training of master students during internships and also through international collaboration of the department with european universities on the basis of credit mobilities of students and teachers.

Detail information is availiable on the website of the department of management and administration and also by telephones:

Contact information: office tel. (057) 707-31-13;

Mob. tel. 067-913-20-34 Novikova Maryna Mykolaivna, the head of department of management and administration.

Професіограма магістра зі спеціальності 281 «Публічне управління та адміністрування», освітньо-професійна програма «Адміністративне управління об’єднаними територіальними громадами»

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Програма фахового вступного вибробування основна

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